Bristol In Depth is a personal passion project of mine. A photo book collection of all of Bristol's most famous landmarks and a few personal favorite hidden gems showcased in enchanting anaglyphic 3D.

I have loved the style of Anaglyph 3D images since I was a child flicking through books with flimsy paper red and blue glasses of my face. I fused this with the love of my home city and passion for photography and set out to capture my own anaglyphs. With a little bit of photography know how and computer wizardry the results are rather charming and even more so when you have a pair of glasses to view them as I do. However these images seemed wasted sitting on my computer hard drive (or occasionally presented on my phone screen with a pair of 3D glasses I "just happen to have on me") and so the idea of forming them into a neat coffee table book seemed like the only rational next step.

Once I had created the book title, the rest of the book seemed to fill itself, and before I knew it I had a completed InDesign project ready to be sent to print. 

Perhaps my favorite in the series as I have managed to make a 2D piece of (rather famous) street art 3D.